Humans A/V

When audiences see Humans perform headlining sets these days, they don’t just watch Humans perform. Humans provide a live visuals environment that interprets live audio input to accompany their shows. As such, their visuals are adaptable to the kind of fluid timing and improvisation that can accompany live performance, presenting audiences with something unique in each iteration. Currently version 1.0, the Humans A/V system can be used with a wide range of venue setups. All that is required is an area for the visuals to take place (either a screen or wall) and adequate throw distance for any projectors used. For use of existing visuals infrastructure, setup can be completed within an hour, and for use of use artist-supplied projectors, estimate 2-3 hours for setup. Visuals are controlled from the LX/Sound booth of the venue with a clear view to the stage. There must be enough space for a standard 15.4″ laptop, 49-key MIDI controller, and visuals artist.
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