HUMANS added to the Hybridity roster



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25 Jan 2012




Electronic Music Hybridity Music
HUMANS – Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq, are an electronic music duo based in Vancouver BC. Following the success of Avec Mes Mec (2010), Humans are set to release their Traps EP March 6th on Hybridity Music. The two met by chance in 2009, when Robbie commissioned Peter to design the merchandise for a folk music project he was working on. When Peter pulled out a sampler and started jamming with the band, it was obvious that something entirely new was unfolding. Ricq then invited Slade to create a vocal sample for his solo electronic project, and soon after, HUMANS was born. Pulling from their seemingly oppositional musical styles, the boys began experimenting with genre and sound, emphasizing the nexus point between the electronic and acoustic, their sounds instantly bridging the space between. Since then, Humans have opened for Junior Boys, Broken Social Scene, Crystal Method, and Clipse. They played Shambhala and Big Time Out, and will be showcased during SXSW and CMW this March.